R7, 2020-08-11

NOTE: Artisan Inn, Vacation Homes, Twine Loft Dining does not accept paper waivers, please submit electronically.

Studio Suite

Contact Information:

Office 464-3377

Tineke cell: 17097281805

Marieke Cell 1-709-740-3031



Our staff will wear a mask when interacting with guests. As a guest, you are not required to wear a mask when around our staff in outdoor areas, however, we do ask that the 2 metre distance is respected whenever possible.

If communication via technology is an option (video call, texting, email or phone), it will be used before a staff member is sent to interact with a guest indoors. We recognize this may not be the hosted experience you were hoping for, but during the pandemic, we must reduce unnecessary interactions as a responsibility to the public and our staff.


Network Barbour House - Password A1Trinity

The wi-fi box is hidden in the crate near the dining table. If you have wifi issues plugging and unplugging is a good start, but let us know if this does not work and we will work to address the issue.


Towels are located in the lower cupboard to your left at the end of the counter, just as you enter the main room.


Dishes are located in the island


Please make sure you turn off the propane tank each time you are finished with the BBQ

There is a lighter button on the bbq but an actual lighter is located in one of the kitchen drawers.


You may go onto the Twine Loft deck past the gate, but the liquor laws stipulate you cannot bring alcohol onto that part of the deck since it is part of the restaurant. You may drink alcohol anywhere else on the driveway or decking so long as it is not past the gated part of the Twine Loft.


The stove takes a very long time to kick in and heat up. We are sorry about that and had intended to replace it this year, but financially that is not possible. Please turn it on about 15 minutes before you want it to start pre-heating! The stove burners can be lit quickly with a lighter.


This room has been cleaned from top to bottom prior to your visit. We have removed a number of items to reduce touch points, but if you find yourself missing an item you expected to have available in the house, please let us know and we can try to provide it.

We have used an electrostatic sprayer with a food grade biodegradable Quat to disinfect surfaces after our housekeeping team cleaned the property. All dishes have been sanitized in our restaurant’s Hobart dishwasher.


HEAT: Please turn heat down to 10 degrees in all rooms

KEYS: Leave keys inside the house with the door unlocked and text or call 1707403031 once you leave.


Please bring home or dispose of any items you might have brought into the house (toiletries, left over food, recyclables)


It is the guest’s responsibility to wash any dishes they use before their departure. Our staff will sanitize all cookware and dishes after you depart. There will be a charge if dishes are left to be cleaned by our staff.


It would be greatly appreciated if all laundry could be ready in the laundry baskets provided. This is not to reduce the work of our staff, but instead to provide them with additional protection as they work. A staff member will be disinfecting the home with an electrostatic sprayer after you have departed and it is more effective if towels and linens are not all over the place.

Please use a small white kitchen catcher for pot cloths and dish cloths and leave it on the kitchen counter. Oven mitts can be left in the drawer or on the counter and will be steam cleaned by the staff.

Fitted sheets, pillow cases, flat sheets, coverlets or duvet covers can go in one basket

Towels in another (throw in all towels, clean and unused in)

Please separate as per instructions to avoid the staff needing to separate the laundry

If there is a laundry emergency during your stay, or if you are here for an extended stay, a laundry service is available for $10.


Our staff have taken great care to prepare this room for your stay and ensure that it is clean and comfortable. If you would like to leave a gratuity for them, you may leave cash or complete the waiver found in your REQUIRED DOCUMENTS on your invoice to have an amount of your choice applied to your Credit Card. The form also allows you to leave comments, feedback, suggestions or call our attention to an item that is broken or missing from the room. This form is optional and not mandatory