R39, 2022-12-04

NOTE: Artisan Inn, Vacation Homes, Twine Loft Dining does not accept paper waivers, please submit electronically.

Dinner Reservation Form: Guests who have reserved through our online system do not need to complete this form. 

We may need to text you regarding dining information on the day of your meal

The cancellation fee will not be charged for any seat we are able to rebook

If we do not have your credit card number please call 1-709-464-3377 

There are often 2 choices for the main course, please indicate if there are any choices you will not eat (this does not include our special vegan/vegetarian options) Chicken, Lamb, Salmon, Cod, Pork, Duck

Please note that expressing a dislike does not mean it will not be one of the two main course options offered for dinner on the night of your reservation. Menus are determined a night or two prior based on repeat guests, allergies and food supplies. Our aim is to have at least one of the two dishes being offered that evening be a dish a guest is content to order.  If your party lists multiple fish and meats from our list as dislikes, we may not be able to accommodate you the night of your booking. If we foresee an issue that we cannot work around, we will do our best to contact you in advance to either change your date to a night with a menu that works or give you the opportunity to cancel your reservation before the 24 hour cancellation period.   

please indicate how many people have these allergies. Ex in a party of four: 2XNA 1X celiac 1Xceliac and lactose intolerant.

We are seating guests on both floors to maintain social distancing. The washroom is located on the main level.

Are there any details you'd like us to be aware of: Special needs, Anniversaries, Birthdays...etc.

If your reservation includes children and we have not been  made aware please be advised that children cannot dine at the 8pm sitting due to Liquor laws. Please review information about dining with children here.

Please see the bottom of the form for common clarifications and specificities we require

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Celiac: If you indicate celiac no gluten will be used in the preparation of your meal. Please note that we cannot guarantee zero cross contamination, but we will be very mindful.

Gluten Intolerant: To us this means gluten bothers you, you don't wish to have it served to you, but it is not an allergy. If you are ok with some gluten (like a light flouring of meat or you are ok with it in a dessert, but you don't want have a 3 course meal with lots of gluten) please let us know.

Lactose Intolerant: If you lists someone as lactose intolerant please let us know if that includes butter as this is often used in our dishes. Better understanding the types of food you can eat (no cheese or some cheese, no cream, some cream/milk but not a heavy creamy sauce..) is helpful to us.

Seafood: if you indicate seafood please specify if this is both fish and shellfish and the extremity of the allergy. Can you be in an open kitchen restaurant if it is being cooked for others.

Vegan: If someone identifies as vegan we interpret this to mean that guest will not eat any meat, dairy (eggs, butter, milk/cream) or bi-products of animals (ex chicken broth).

Vegetarian: If someone identifies as a vegetarian we will offer a menu that does not include meat OR fish, but it may contain products from animals such as milk, eggs.

Pescatarian: If someone in the reservation does not eat meat, but will eat fish please identify them as a pescatarian on our forms.